Musescore 3.3: Palettes toolbar crashed on two different sized screen

• Nov 1, 2019 - 10:46

I use this wonderful program mostly on a laptop and a 24" size co-screen. I installed the update with the Palettes improvement. Launching the program on the laptop the palettes toolbar looking good and I can use it. (See: Screenshot 2019-11-01 11.34.25.png) But! Dragging the toolbar to the big screen everything is gone from the toolbar... (See: Screenshot 2019-11-01 11.38.46.png) After resizing it you can see the palettes but clicking on them brings nothing. (See: Screenshot 2019-11-01 11.36.43.png)
I think it's somenthing problem in the coding of the resize behavior because after clicking in the upper area the commands are useable, but how can I know, where must I click :-) (See: Screenshot 2019-11-01 11.35.22.png) I think it's worthy to working with it!
Maybe it's because the screen sizes. I must to see it on two big screen with the same size...



UPDATE TO THE MUSESCORE STAFF: I'm not familiar with it, but during programming the Palette panel, must apply a top align, so the resizing on different screen wouldn't cause a problem. It's just my idea to solve this inconvenient problem.

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I can't answer but I think it could be connected to the settings of the single machine.
I struggled a lot before finding out how to adjust the monitor settings on another pc. So I concluded that the problem was not of MuseScore but of the user (me).
Wait patiently for a better answer.

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The whole system has worked so far since I started to use Musescore many years before. I don't think that my settings are wrong. All my programs are still working this way of use.
In my oppinion programmers must work a few hours with this because the panel of the Palette isn't well aligned. Must be top aligned... 'cause the clicks are working if I click in the upper area not on the text. So the behavior of the mouse click is right as an input signal

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