What is the best ratio between scaling, min./max system distance, staff distance...

• Nov 9, 2019 - 18:32

I'm struggling frequently with the optimal ratio of layout settings inside a score. See attached score, I have to finish next days (please respect the copyright, there's a discussion maybe to publish it on IMSLP someday).
I miss a howto for this issue (not sure if there are rules in general) above the handbook chapter (https://musescore.org/en/handbook/3/layout-and-formatting).
My aim is to have an optimal scaling with the existing system breaks and without without neglecting the same height of each individual system inside the score.
So what are your experiences adjusting scores using page- and style settings (it doesn't matter if I would have to adjust customized beams of the cross-staff chords or cross-staff repeat sign images again afterwards)?

(for information: I started this score with 2.x and reviewed it with 3.x)

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Seeing that there was still no answer there, yesterday I downloaded and made some fantasy changes (which you will not have to take into account, however). Mainly the default settings, Staff spacer fixed down, beams ans stems, Repeat measure sign...
I saw that you are online, I attach my point of view again and I will delete it again later.

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As mentioned in the Italian forum, I decided to finish this score yesterday (on the one hand to give time the choir director to review it, on the other hand concerning my skills ;).

(Btw.: I was never member of this choir, only for some month a long time ago with the predecessor ;).

Last year I started with this score, there was a discussion with the composer and choir director maybe to publish it on IMSLP. I'll wait for an answer, so that I don't break the copyright (then I could imagine to upload it on musescore.com too).

Not sure, if "PD" means the possibility to upload a further score on musecore.com. I'm not a great friend of subscriptions, a time I'm only use it for OpenScore sheets; for band arrangements I'm using the possibility to send it as mail , not at least while I'm using resources of the world wide web, where the copyright isn't clear.

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