XML export--symbols are not preserved

• Oct 6, 2008 - 07:55

Hello there,

I am using version 0.9.4 rev 1115 on Windows XP.

When a piece of music with symbols such as fermata and accents is saved as musicxml, the xml code does not preserve the symbols. When the musicxml is imported into musescore, the fermata and accents are not there. When the musicxml is imported into other software, the fermata and accents are also not there.

When the music is saved as .msc or .mscz, the fermata and accents are preserved correctly.



Pretty weird... Here is a musicXML file with articulations. I made it with musescore 0.9.3. Open it with sibelius 5.2 or Musescore and you will see the fermata. In musescore almost all symbols are exported (included staccato, legato, excluded thumb for example) in musicXML.
Can you give more details about your score ?

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Problem solved! I had been dragging a fermata symbol from the symbol palette. Symbols from the symbol palette are not saved in the xml. Now I used a fermata from the articulations/ornaments palette, and this was saved in the xml.

The symbols palette has many of the same symbols as in the articulations/ornaments palette. Can I confirm that the symbols in the symbols palette are for decoration only, and not part of the music? That explains why it doesn't get saved in the xml?


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