Finally, a complete first movement

• Dec 2, 2019 - 16:36

I finally finished the first movement of my piano trio. Whew.

It's still a rough draft, and there are parts that I'd like to rework or even change entirely. I think some of the violin and cello passages might be impossible to play as well. Nevertheless, I'm very glad that I got this done. This movement turned out longer than I expected, taking around 16 minutes to play (with the repeat). As always, all feedback is welcome.

I also decided to change my username from drowssap2 to Brian Berino. "drowssap" just seemed kinda stupid to be honest.


Whew! Brilliant! I am pleased to see you know the 19th as well as the 18th century. I like the material and how you've treated it, especially the development...
...and you've completed a movement! This will sound great with real players. To be sure, a bit Schumannesque, which is totally fine ( a favorite of mine). It was an enjoyable listen.
The other movements have material with lots of potential. Good luck.

On your site page you have mentioned that you were unsure of a few string passages being unplayable. At first glance, nothing struck me as awkward, but I'm not a string player. Don't hesitate to ask them; they like being helpful. If you know none personally there are a few here at MS and other places on the net. It is astute of you to have this concern.
Love the harmonic palette and "romantic" gestures. Good work, Brian!

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