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• Dec 2, 2019 - 20:02

I have been transcribing a short piece for guitar duet and have run into an odd situation where changes I'm making are disappearing after saving the document. The problem involves some short two note decrescendos where I have changed the shape of the decrescendo symbol .. making it narrower ... mostly an aesthetic decision. Just prefer the look.

In any event, I noticed that when I saved and then reopened the file, the changes to all of the short decrescendos had disappeared. I also checked the file on my desktop computer and the same thing happened. So it would appear that it is not my computer(s) acting up.

I'm running the latest version of Musescore on both Windows 10 machines. I'm attaching a pdf of what I am trying to do and also the original file.

Thanks for any advice anyone is able to offer.

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Carulli Duet - Test.pdf 25.44 KB
Carulli Duet 1 - Andante.mscz 40.03 KB


You wrote (here's the important part):
I have changed the shape of the decrescendo symbol .. making it narrower...

OK... now how exactly did you do that?
Did you select all? Use the Inspector? Adjust one at a time, or as a group?

Does Shoichi's attachment, 'Carulli Duet 1 - AndanteBis.mscz', show narrow hairpins when you open it?

If so, look at this image (from Shoichi's attachment):


When you select any object in the score window, its properties are automatically displayed in the Inspector where they can be edited. Multiple elements can also be selected and edited together—as long as they are of the same type.
and look for 'Height' - where the width at the mouth of the hairpin is adjusted.
where the value of a particular property can be made the new default for the style or reset to the default value.

Furthermore, if you wish to set global properties, see:

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