Copy / Paste

• Dec 16, 2019 - 20:08

I am transcribing a piece and I use copy/paste and edit because it makes things easier for me. I would be able to copy/paste an entire movement of the music, but now whenever I do even one measure, the software crashes. This has never been a problem in the past and I am wondering if this can be fixed. "A Hero's Journey" is my piece and the other is the one I am transcribing. (With permission of course)


In reply to by Henk De Groot

That is my first thought as well. There are some spots that I noticed that were really screwed up, so that could be the cause of it. The music during the section that I am currently at is really messed up with the music. For example, one point has a 6 tuplet crossing bars. This section was more complicated. Now that I have finished that section, it should be fine now. Thanks for the information.

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