Set Start Measure Number to 0 (Zero)

• Dec 21, 2019 - 19:37

I did a search for "Start Measure Number to 0 (Zero)" and couldn't find anything mentioned in the forum and google search. After stumbling around in Format\Styles..., I finally selected the first measure and right clicked and I came across Measure Properties\Add to measure number: Here I inputted "-1" and this changed the first measure to zero. While in Page view, I selected the "0" measure number and made it in visible in the Inspector Menu (F8) and in addition I changed the Frame: from No Frame to Circle then clicked the "S" button to the right to "Set as style" so that "In every system" (refer to Format\Styles...\Measure numbers\Every system is selected) a circled measure number will be indicated.

I was transcribing a classical piece and noticed the first measure was set to zero. Hopefully this will be helpful for some needing to do something similar.


Possibly easier to click "exclude from measure count" on that first measure instead, something quite common with pickup measures.

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