Stacking Chords over bass notes

• Dec 28, 2019 - 13:04

I have learned something I want to share hoping it will help to stack a chord directly over a bass note e.g. G over B instead of G/B. Here are the exact steps:
1. Click on note. 2. Cmd/K 3. Enter chord e.g. G. 4. Click on empty space...chord turns black.
5. Place arrow on chord and move it up. 6. Click on same note. 7. Cmd/K
8. Enter bass note e.g. B which will appear below the G. 9. Click on empty space so the B turns black.
10. Now use the arrow to move the G and B until they are perfectly aligned with the G directly over the B and aligned directly over the note. 11. Go to lines palette and drag a line under the can wait until the score is printed and use a fine line pen to underline the chords creating a fraction.
Perhaps some of you already know this but I had a hard time with it and maybe this will help someone.

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