Personalized sound libraries

• Jan 2, 2020 - 10:40

Is it possible to form a personalized sound library by choosing the sounds that seem more performing from existing libraries and uploading it to Musescore?


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@jeetee, he means
Is there a system to freely select from the various soundfonts compatible with Musescore only those that are best for your ear and make it a custom soundfont?
This would avoid loading all the tools in each soundfont, even those that appear to us to be less performing, which is very uncomfortable, as well as inevitably weighing the software down.

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I don't want to create any new sound. I'd like to use only certain sounds for each instrument - the ones that I consider better - taking them from existing libraries (MuseScore General.sf3 and Sonatina, for instance) and set up my own soundfont that groups these selected sounds. This would allow me to avoid loading entire libraries of which I already know that I will not use certain sounds.
I hope I was clear.

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