How you do this strange triplets

• Jan 10, 2020 - 02:36

Please see the image, measure number 48 and 48, how can I do this in musescore?

This person claims it was done in musescroe and had the scores published on youtube on this link

I am trying to to do the same exact thing.

thank you

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For the first, begin with a lenght of 1 time, a rest or a quater note, select it, tape CTRL+3, you got a triplet of 3 rest . Enter 3 eight notes Go out of input mode (N) select the first eight note tape 3 you get at the place of this eight note, 2 sixteen notes, idem for the second eight note, after, delete where it's a rest, change your notes

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The second triplet, easy, 1 time, ctrl + 3 withe the 1st eight note tape 3, with the 2nd eight note tape 5
For the 3rd triplet something wrong for me, try triplet 3 eight notes, the first is good, with 2nd and 3rd tape 3, make a tie withe the first eight note and the first sixteen note, but there is 1 sixteen note "for more" "for + " , 4 4 instead of 3

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