Importing iReal chords and progressions into Musescore melodies

• Jan 11, 2020 - 21:36

Musescore cannot create chords and progressions from chord names.
The iReal Pro app on mobiles creates such chords and progressions and has extensive libraries of chord progressions for jazz, blues, rock, pop, classical and more.
The chord progressions can be easily exported from iReal Pro in a midi file and integrated with melodies in Musescore saving much time in creating scores with harmonies.

View the video of how to do this
using the following steps:

1 - Open the iReal Pro app on your mobile and select a melody you wish to integrate into Musescore
>> Note the melody length and structure
2 - Click on an empty space in iReal Pro
3 - Click on the Share icon at the top right corner
4 - From the list select Choose Audio in order to create a midi file which Musescore can convert into a note score
5 - From the next list select MIDI
6 - Email your file
7 - From the email on your computer download the midi file to a convenient folder
8 - Open the midi file from Musescore
9 - Add an extra piano from the the instrument option under the edit menu
10 - Move the new piano stave to the top of the score and remove the bass line
11 - Open your melody file
12 - Copy all of the melody
13 - Paste the melody into the piano stave that you created


A question regarding step #11 - Open your melody file.

Is this melody file a pre-existing score (i.e., an mscz file that one should already have), or is it some other part of the iReal Pro app that gets copied into the new piano stave when the created MIDI file is opened in MuseScore?

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Yes, this is a pre-existing melody which I transcribed.
I have attached the melody file here, which also includes some improvisation.

The point of the integration between Musescore and iReal is to use the harmony and progressions for known melodies from the large libraries available in iReal. This would be a very big task if done manually.

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