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• Jan 16, 2020 - 18:07

Hi guys

I am looking for a program or software that I can upload my notes and then the software can play it and I can then manupulate/change the sound at will. Does something like this exist?

Thank you


Score editors allow you to enter your notes, either from a MIDI keyboard or a computer keyboard and mouse, generally "carefully", i.e., one-by-one, and produce a nice-looking score and be able to play it, although you have to have an idea what such a score looks like and help it. There are many such editors; MuseScore is one of them, and is free. There are others that are not free -- Finale, Sibelius, etc (although some have limited free editions). There is no issue of "uploading" -- you do this on your machine. You can upload scores you make to web sites (such as, allowing others to view them and play them, and, if you permit, download them. There are other programs that don't make scores, but just record what you play on a keyboard in strips looking like a piano-roll, and allow you to edit them. In any case, the more musical knowledge you have, the more likely you are to use these programs successfully.

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Thank you BSG

I was thinking that if I upload the notes into something like ableton then I could play around with the sound. Does that make sense? I got someone to write(notes) a song for me. Now I want to hear want it would sound like if I put into a software programme and sped it up or distorted in any way.

Thanks again

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I don't know what "Ableton" is other than a company. No, that doesn't really make sense. We make programs for people who want to compose music, whether a simple tune or a symphony, or make sheet music for songs they know, and then change ("edit") the music by changing specific notes to make them more to their liking, not "playing around with it" to make it "distorted". Perhaps you want to experiment with synthesizers. I think you're in the wrong place. Good luck finding tools that inspire your creativity!

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