set Staff distance individually for each page

• Jan 16, 2020 - 20:31

My request is for large scores.

It happens often that in the final, visual step we must adjust the staff distance to have some decent looking score, but when doing this i always struggle to have a good looking score with all pages looking good, because when the Staff distance is to big then fuller pages go over the bottom border, when it is to small less full pages look weird/not beautiful (example in attachment).

Because of this problem it would be very helpful if we could adjust staff distance for every page individually
OR: Like the system distance it would be nice if it would be possible to have the same with the staff distances: A min and a max value. in that case Musescore would automatically set the right staff distance to fill the page which would be fantastic.

Thanks for reading

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It's always better to attache the score than a picture to give suggestions. From what I can see I assume the reason could be the autoplacement of some elements, which added to some pages, but not to other. What if you're using spacers for the corresponding pages ( Or did you play around with the settings of Format->Style...->Page to adjust it?
Any other suggestions how it should work?

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Hi Kuwitt, thanks for your reply!

I played around with the Format>Style>Page Menu. Maybe you misunderstood my question because i'm not the best expressing myself in English.
"From what I can see I assume the reason could be the autoplacement of some elements, which added to some pages, but not to other." Yeah i know what the problem is, but i really hope there would be a way of letting MS do the vertical page spread automatically. I never used spacers because I want to have something affecting every staff on the page and not only one individaully, but maybe that's the way i should go i will give it a try!

Could also be a plug-in but i hardly used them. What ig would imagine is:
1. You enter a minimum staff spacing
2. Plug-in/MS then adds spacers for all pages which don't fill the page with the spacement i gave

Understandeble? I know it's a feature which isn't that important but it would be really nice to have that

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At least I believe I understand your feature request correct. What I wanted to say is, there are already several adjustments possible to get the expected result.
But without being a developer myself, I also could imagine, that it would be possible for a further development to write a code, that the application consider the space between the top and the bottom margin of page settings and spread the elements to it.

I think, staff distance you have choosen is in the page where there is place at the bottom, but Musescore does not "like" "collision" and when there is a "collision" MS makes greater the spacement. You can see an exemple with organ staves, on the left page , where there is not place at the bottom, you have very hight notes , with , just upper, on the G.C stave "nuances " under the stave, so, the nuance and the hight notes will be together, so MS, makes greater the space between the 2 staves.

For the individual parts you can have such things, but for the director score, you must make corrections, only for the score, it's often easy with "all similars elements" for exemple, to select all the "nuances" of 1 stave and to make "up" them, idem for lyrics, or crescendos. For high notes write this "passage" 1 octave lower, with "+8"

I work on big scores also, and these corrections are obliged, and take time. Here is 1 of my scores with 23 staves

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Thanks for your reply!

Yeah that's true MS makes the spacement automatically bigger if there would be a collision and that's where i want to control the spacing myself, my problem with the options now is that you have to choose between two options:
1. You lower the staff spacement and so musescore will automatically avoids collisions by itself and will make bigger spacements. My problem with this is that pages with less collision will not fill the page and therefore will not look good
2. You increase the staff spacement to avoid every collision. My problem here: in this case i have to lower the "Staff space (sp)" which smalls down everything down and makes it less visible to read.

I know i have to correct by hand things and that's what i usually do but i thought today there should be a way I could tell MS to fill the page (vertically) with a given minimum staff spacement or at least i should be able to change each staff spacement by hand.

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