Insane bar stretching

• Jan 19, 2020 - 22:33

I placed a line break at the first line, entered an upbeat on the second line and placed the notes. As I did so the bars stretched themselves to take a whole line each. What? How do I stop this?

Screenshot attached.

ed. Blimey, that was hard work. Are we supposed to use shift { and } every time we enter a bar?


The spacing shown in your picture for m6 is not what should happen by default. Please attach the actual score, so we can in fact inspect what is going on rather than a picture.

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This is what I see after opening your score, selecting all, and resetting the stretch for all measures:

Score attached so you can verify it looks normal for you as well.

Any chance you for some reason started out by increasing stretch on that measure by an enormous amount? That would explain what you saw.

Those minuses above the measure show you that you have less beats in that measure compared to what the time signature says. They are grayed out, just like all invisible things, and won't print. You can toggle their visibility in the View menu, option Mark irregular measures

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I think I did try to stretch bar 6 when it was at the end of the first line. I suppose I should have placed a line break instead?

How do you "reset the stretch"? Never mind, found it (Format/Stretch/Reset layout stretch).

I should have spotted that the - symbols show the short time measures that I put in! Thanks for the help.

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