Playback isn't working

• Jan 22, 2020 - 12:57

After I installed the latest update of Musescore, I've been having problems with the playback. When I haven't used Musescore or my computer for a while, the playback doesn't work. When pressing it, all icons become grey, as they do when the music is playing. But no sound is playing, nor is the marker popping up and moving along the sheet. I can mark individual notes, but when doing so, they don't make any sound.

I've noticed that I can fix this with "Help → Revert to Factory Settings", sometimes in combination with "View → Synthesizer → Reset All". After that, everything works fine for a while, until I again haven't used my computer for a while. Then it all happens again, and I have to repeat everything. Anyone know what I can do?


Stop your OS/other applications from locking the audio devices?

Another possible workaround may be to press the MIDI-input toolbar button twice when this happens. It's less clicking than the other workarounds and should have a similar effect.

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Operating system is Windows 10. The version is Musescore 3. I usually use bluetooth headphones or normal earphones. Don't know about soundcard. No keyboards connected. But everything worked before, so those things can't be the issue.

I've looked through the link. I don't know where people find neither a "preferences" nor a "I/O" selection.

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