Export .wav/.mp3 for an individual section of a multi-section score?

• Jan 30, 2020 - 23:38

If I have a score for e.g. a symphony in 4 movements (created using the album feature in MS 2.2), is there a way to export an audio file for each movement separately? For example, if I would like to create an audio CD with each movement as a separate track. (Of course, there's also the option of creating a single big file and then using an audio-file editor to break it into sections, but it would be good to be able to generate the individual movement files directly.)


There is currently no such automated option.
It would be nice feature though; to split into tracks based on section breaks.

The "quickest" way now would be to delete all other sections, then export, undo those delete actions; rinse and repeat for each section.

I think you can save what you want , for exemple the 1st section using "selection" save with a new name, and , after, load it , it only, and export. You don't change the big score, you create severals small

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