Add realt-time fingering feature

• Feb 1, 2020 - 12:01


For many years I have been using Musescore for school. I frequently use sheet music to play with the accompaniments. I think it would be very interesting to incorporate a feature into the program that allows band students to see the real-time fingering while the score is playing, in the style of other software or applications (like Ludwig minute 2.08 or )

I attach an image of my proposal. It would be to include in the sidebar of the «Object Inspector» a gadget such as the «play panel» in which there were:
- A drop-down to choose the instrument's instrument channel (as in the mixer)
- A dropdown to choose which fingering (if trumpet, trombone, etc.)
- A box with the images of the fingering

I do not know programming but I have a basic knowledge of Gimp and could help create images of fingerings.

-excuse me for my English- ^^

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