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• Feb 2, 2020 - 17:21

It would be great if musescore had a feature where it would play along live to what you are playing on the piano especially! There is already a software called Go Play Along which has it for guitar but i cant find one for piano! If something like that for piano already exists then please could you tell me!


Do you mean that the software should stop and wait for you to play the next note before continuing?
Do you mean that the software plays along and expects you to keep up with it? (With tempo being adjustable as you learn and become more proficient.)

If the latter, why not just hit the play button on MuseScore and play along on your piano?

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It seems the first one requires more than what Go Play Along can do...

According to the Go Play Along website, it synchs guitar TAB to mp3 playback. This way, a guitar player can 'read' (and play) the scrolling TAB to the synchronized mp3 track. It does not mention anything about 'stopping and waiting'. It does, however, mention 'looping' and 'slowdown' - much like what MuseScore can do.
MuseScore, though, uses it's own internal synthesizer to play a notated score rather than using a pre-recorded mp3. Ideally, for practicing along with say, 'a band', one would want an mp3 'backing track'. That is, a recording which omits the instrument one plays. (Years ago there were recordings labelled 'Music Minus One' which did exactly that.)
MuseScore can do the same - that is, mute your particular instrument while it plays a score so you can, in reality, 'play along' with your band.
Conversely, if you wanted to hear (and practice alone) your individual part, without other 'band members' playing, you could 'solo' your instrument in the MuseScore mixer to hear only that. So, having selective control over playback instrumentation is better than playing to a pre-recorded mp3.

Regarding the second one (about stopping playback and waiting)...

For software that offers real-time interaction with notes played on a piano keyboard - like stopping and waiting for you to play the next note - you would likely need a midi keyboard (i.e. one that can hook up to a computer to interact with software).
Manufacturers of digital pianos often bundle learning software which can display notation and 'listen' to your playing, so it can stop (or slow down) until you 'catch up'. Some of these learning apps are self-contained within the digital piano and require no midi hookup.
Additionally, there is other software available online - such as games which display a note (or chord) moving toward the edge of a 'cliff' requiring one to play the note (or chord) before it falls off the edge. Purportedly it's supposed to hasten note/chord recognition.

So, lots of choices exist - especially if you own a MIDI capable (piano) keyboard.

I would like to have that feature as well. Of course there is software that can more or less to that. Like Yousician, Flowkey or skoove. Flowkey and skoove have the waiting for you feature and different tempo. Whereas at yousician only the tempo can be changed. In exchange, you get a good backing track and the number of wrong and correct played notes are evaluated. Yousician also offers more songs in the free version.

Nevertheless, the feature would be interesting, since with musescore I could play self-composed compositions and I could play along without the necessity for turning the pages.
Since the sound recognition would only work for simple compositions with one or at maximum two voices anyway, the midi interface would be completely sufficient for me. Especially since most advanced users of musescore use a midi master keyboard or an digital piano with a midi interface anyway.

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