Copy Chord Name Text from one stave and paste to another (without the notation)

• Feb 3, 2020 - 08:06

Hello, I am trying to do this handy thing I used to do in a lesSer program (love musescore now). I used to select all chord text (in one button press) only and copy and then paste them on to a different stave in the music or into another file without bring any of the notation.
Can MS do this?


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Selecting all chord elements:
1. Right-click a single one (Ctrl-click on Mac)
2. From the popup menu choose: Select → Select all similar elements in staff

You can turn this into a 1-button thing by assigning a shortcut to that command:
1. Edit → Preferences…→Shortcuts
2. use the search filter at the bottom to filter on the available select commands.

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