Inserting short audio files to mark rehearsal cues

• Feb 7, 2020 - 08:02

Is there a way to insert a short audio file to prompt rehearsal figures (a human voice saying "A" or
"Figure B")? It seems like a plug-in that someone would have made.

I want to create a rehearsal click track (output to .wav I guess) and give audible rehearsal figures to help.


If you have such a sound sample of a human reading these types of things, you could create a soundfont from it. Then you could use an extra (invisible) instrument where you notate the pitches related to the samples of that soundfont and MuseScore will play those back. A plugin could be written to notate the pitches on that extra instrument according to your soundfont definition and the elements it can find in the score.
None of this exists as far as I'm aware.

Then again, if you have those samples, you could always post-add them in an audio editor (such as Audacity) as well.

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