Voltas and repeats

• Mar 10, 2020 - 22:44

I.m having trouble to get the attached file to play as I expect and I suspect it's something to do with the first/second endings being in the middle of the piece.
The sequence I expect is
Bars 1-12, followed by the first volta (bars 13-15)
then it skips bars 16-18 as they're the second ending. (that's what happens, so ok at this point)
Then starts at bar 19 and plays through to bar 50 (and again this plays correctly)
At bar 50, There is a "DC al Fine" which correctly takes me back to the beginning and plays bars 1 to 12. That's fine.
Now I expect bars 16-18 to be played and stop at the "Fine" in bar 18. That's what is wrong because it plays bars 12-13 (the first ending) again and then jumps to bar 19. In other words, it totally ignores my second ending and I don't understand what I've done wrong.

Any suggestions?


From the handbook:
"Volta brackets, or first and second ending brackets, are lines used to mark different endings for a simple repeat."

In your score, you show no repeat dots (end repeat barline) at the first volta.
If you think about it, bars 19 to 50 should be part of the first volta with an end repeat at bar 50, so the repeat playback will jump to the beginning.
The second volta (bars 16 -18) would need to be deleted from its present position and added to the very end of the score - where it would be played after bar 12 (the bar before the first volta) during the repeat playback.
Through all the Changing Scenes of Life_volta.mscz

Instead of enclosing so many bars under a first volta, use a D.C. al Coda instead:
Through all the Changing Scenes of Life_DC.mscz

In reply to by BrowMV

I'm simply copying from an old book and obviously that notation is wrong...

That notation might not be "wrong", but merely the practice of the times, especially if it's an old book.
It may use some arcane notation style which by today's musical practice standards seem obsolete.
If you want MuseScore - and current musicians - to be able to play it, then you have to "modernize" it.

If you are aiming for an urtext edition, then you will have to forego playback within MuseScore (or make 2 scores).


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