2nd time 8va?

• Mar 21, 2020 - 21:33

I am currently in the process of transferring a band concert piece into MuseScore, and I came across a couple of measures (between 2 repeat bars) in which the instruction is follows: "2nd time 8va". How should I go about replicating that in MuseScore (attached is the page with the instruction in question circled in red)? And while I'm on the subject: What is "sempre cresc. (circled and underlined in red

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Add a normal 8va line from the palette. Select it and use the inspector to change the start text for it.
Playback only on a given repeat isn't currently possible.

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Regarding the "sempre cresc.", the usage here is somewhat ambiguous. "Sempre cresc." means always getting louder. So it could mean there is a continuous cresendo from forte at the start of the trill and through the bar after the trill to the fortissimo just before H. Or with the placement in this case it could be interpreted as "f sempre" on the trill, with cresc. as a separate instruction following it, meaning the trill stays at forte but there is a crescendo from the end of the trill to fortissimo. My money would be on the second interpretation, but I would not argue if another MD thought the other interpretation was right. And I would be surprised if anyone in the audience would notice any difference in the two interpretations.

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