How to edit number of measures in a system?

• Apr 5, 2020 - 17:22

I'm trying to adjust the number of measures in a system to even things out. For example, I'd like to move one measure from the start of one system back to the end of the previous system. How would I do that?
Many thanks in advance!


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Thanks Kuwitt for your reply.
I have tried decreasing the stretch of a measure, but it only adjusts the width of the measure within the same system, it doesn't move a measure to the previous system.
At the moment I have one system containing just two measures, I'm trying to add the two measures to the previous system.

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Did you also decrease the scaling? Also possible is to decrease the spacing of measures in format->style...->measure. But there's a limitation of space depending on the elements a measure contains.
Maybe better is to attache the score for further help.

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