AutoHotKey Kit 01 Apply Symbols from Palette

• Apr 13, 2020 - 10:57

Dear developers and volunteers:
Many thanks for this beautiful program, which you so frequently enrich!
I'm glad I can give something in return although only for the Windows platform.
There is an ongoing effort to make all Palette symbols accessible via shortcuts.
A native implementation of course will always be the best.
In the meantime the macro's of AutoHotKey can provide a powerful alternative.
Meant for those users who can take it for what it is, a kit.
Prefabricated parts with bolts and nuts you have to tighten yourself.
The tool you need for this and other instalments is 'PixelMousing'.
Rename '34_PixelMousing.txt' in '34_PixelMousing.ahk'
Change the extension of '34_Advanced_WorkSpace_All_Symbols.txt' in .ahk as well.
Corrections and comments welcome.
Thank you and good music!


Hi MichLeon - That is the largest AHK script I have ever seen!

Looks interesting, and quite a complex thing to install but I will give it a try sometime (working on a large MS right now so it won't be imminently, unfortunately. (Plus, I'm pretty much happy with the inbuilt shortcuts that exist for the common palette items I commonly use right now). But thanks for putting this together and for your step by step instructions!

Thank you so much for this! This has completely revolutionized my efficiency in MuseScore! I had tried lots of other programs to add palette items (such as Deckboard), but this completely blows it out of the water in terms of speed. I am working on an AHK script similar to yours that has the capability to run macros. I will publish it as soon as I am at a point to release it.

Again, thank you!

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Thanks for the kind words. I feel you're absolutely right in your assessment!

About writing other macros: you make me curious about what you have in mind.
FYI: during last year I've already finished, tested and used a whole series of them in reaction
to feature requests in the forum.
Another series I wrote as solutions for existing shortcomings I experienced in the program.
For instance how to return without using the mouse to a note when its beam is selected.
This is an instance of what I call 'micro navigation'.
I have sorted these macros in families.
So one family is navigation from micro level to score level. Furthering accessibility.
Another family concerns positional finetuning and small scale collision avoidance.
E.g. stemlength with single dotted 16ths, ties and dotted notes, avoiding wedges in beams.
Another family is about measure operations, alternating time signatures, tempochanges following notelengths in a dedicated staff.
Again another family: realising that everything related to selection could be of help for many users.
Just today I published an instalment only partially covering this topic.
The important thing is to manage all this. To get a clear structure. But also to provide the tools
for keeping the macros in a simple way up-to-date after an update of MuseScore.
In a way which hopefully also invites non technical people to try what they think is useful for them.
How to make the whole thing user friendy? That's always a central issue.
My solution in short: I wrote a 'Master' module from which you can start and exit each script.
With tooltips and info in messageboxes and some general useful macros.
Now it makes sense to me to publish them in instalments.
But writing the documentation takes quite some time. I hope to make steady progress.

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