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• Apr 26, 2020 - 00:37

So, I keep looking up how to do stuff, and the suggestions keep saying to go here, to click that, etc, and I do not have any of those functions on my screen. I have downloaded both Musescore 2 and 3. So the latest instructions tell me to sign in on my composition page. There's nowhere to sign in. So, I go to the main page, sign in, and once again (if you read my last post) I am told that I can have a free trial. So, is nothing working because I'm not paying for it? If that is the problem, fine. I will just not do anything extra with my music. But let me know so that I can stop spending hours trying to do things that are not possible.

(I'm trying to save my composition as an mp3 so I can e-mail it, because my friend cannot download musescore to play the composition, because it keeps telling him he CANNOT have a free trial, he must just pay.)


There is nothing related to having your own local score and your own local MuseScore software that requires you to sign in.

  1. Open your MuseScore software
  2. Open your file in your software
  3. Within the program, click on "File" then "Export"
  4. In the dialog, change the file type to "mp3" and choose a location for it to be stored.

  5. Send him an email with that generated mp3 as an attachment

Steps 1-4 happen locally on your own computer and do not require a browser nor logging in to anything.
Step 5 might require a browser if you use webmail, but no longer has anything to do with MuseScore.

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