Voices and inserted clefs

• May 8, 2020 - 20:42

My interpretation of the entries in the bass staff of measure 47 of the enclosed sample is as follows:

  1. There are two voices.

  2. The first voice consists of the augmented 1/4 rest together with the inserted treble clef and the following beamed 1/8th notes.

  3. The second voice consists of the tied, augmented 'C' notes (1/2 to 1/4) which I'm assuming are both C2.

However, Musescore interprets the 1/4 note as an A3 and therefore will not tie the notes.

Is there a way of either amending the second voice to ignore the inserted treble clef or lacking that, how do I enter the notes as shown?

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I try, and it's not possible cause the tie of the Bass C. One thing possible, it's just my idea, this bass note in measure 47 has a lengh of a whole measure, for the player it's only 1 note (I think) . Just input a whole note.......Perhaps Pianists will tell me , that it's not the same........

You can achieve this effect using the fix to line option.
First enter the notes as they should be. Then after applying the clef change you'll notice the tied note moving way down. Select it and check the "fix to line" option in the inspector, adjust the value for it to make it show where you expect it to.

See attached example of those last three measures.

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