Voices and inserted clefs (part 2)

• May 10, 2020 - 20:13

Trying to enter notes shown in measure 35 of file DEMO6 in measure 2 of test file V&ICpt2-2. All notes are in Voice1. Entered remaining notes, which I assumed are Voice2, results shown in V&ICpt2-3.
Problem 1: half-notes in both staves will not augment as they should.
Problem 2: program amalgamates the C2 note at the beginning of the bass staff, even though they are of different duration and voice.

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First off correct the position of the first voice in V&ICpt2_2, as you can see you have an extra rest at the end, and the first note should only happen on beat 4/8, not on 3/8 as you've entered it now.

What has happened in your PDF score is that the additional 1/8th rest of beat 3/8 has been made invisible, as the timing is obvious due to the cross staff notation of the 2nd voice.

See attached.

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V&ICpt2_2-fixed.mscz 7.78 KB

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