Midi connection

• May 13, 2020 - 04:43

I have been able to connect my Yamaha P-125 digital piano into my computer before via an AB-USB connection. I have plugged this in before starting MuseScore but it does not seem to work. I have already checked the connections from both ends and have ensured that my USB ports are working correctly. It used to work all the time but now all of a sudden it is not working no matter what.
I have also tested the audio and midi devices under preferences. HELP!! What to do?



I believe the Yamaha piano's use Steinberg drivers. First check their website for a newer driver (there have been other users reporting the need for a driver update over the past few months).
If the keyboard still doesn't show up for MuseScore, then try pressing the "Restart audio devices" button in the I/O Preferences tab.

And lastly, it could be that the drivers are 32-bit only, in which case you might need the 32-bit version of MuseScore instead of the 64-bit version.

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