Add 8va to only bass note of a chord

• May 15, 2020 - 08:14

Hello, to put it shortly I am looking to replicate something such as this:

(first measure of Sarabande in D minor by LP Wiess)

So far, I have something like this:

(I'm not 100% sure of what the grace note is in music terms, although with the line extending to the note on the first score it sort of looks like acciaccatura.)

Issue 1:
What I can't quite get right are the bass notes. I do not want to split in to a bass staff for only a few passing notes, and the 8va line is sort of cosmetic (I have a linked tab and so it remains D3 rather than D2), and it perhaps might allude to the whole chord being down an octave than just one note like the first score

Issue 2:
I don't quite understand how to enter the bass note of the second chord, it presumably fits under the dotted quarter+eight (both 2 beats) however it simply displaces the rest of the bar

Any tips or ideas? I struggle to search the help guide or forums for these specific issues I am having.


use 2 voices, voice 1 for the treble notes and voice 2 for the bass notes.
you have many symbols in the main palet, surely you fine the "8va", only for the view , not for the play back

You'll need (aside from voices as mentioned above) need a non-functional symbol for the 8va, combined with the real note, but fixed to line to display as the note one octave above.

I've tried to use mouse entry as much as possible, so it should be doable to follow what is happening. To move the note down an octave, I've used the keyboard shortcut Ctrl/Cmd+. I've also moved the half note down with the arrow keys, as you can see that mouse entry makes direct entry of that note hard. It is so low down on the stave that it starts thinking you might want to input a high note on the stave below instead.
For the grace note, again after entering it, used the arrow keys to make the pitch correct.


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You only need to do the "fix to line" trick if you want the playback to work for the D. Otherwise you can just put the note on the line where it shouyld apear in the first place, since teh 8va symbol does not affect playback.

And another way to fix the playback would then be to make the D not play in the inspector, and add, in the same voice, another D one octave below, which you make invisible in the inspector.

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Very kind to make the little animation, as I am a visual learner for sure.

I will give this a go on the weekend and check out the inspector more for sure from now on, it seems powerful to pretty the score up without affecting the linked tab (being picky about how they affect each other is a little tough, but it seems possible.)

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