Printing combined score

• Jun 1, 2020 - 11:23

I just created 3 scores with Musescore 3.4 :

I want to print them together on double-sided paper.

What is the simplest way to do that ?

I tried copy and paste into a new file, but ran into two issues :
1) I can't copy the title elements
2) Measure numbering doesn't reset

I did some searches and it looks like there used to be a feature called "Albums" that might have done what I wanted, but it's no longer available in Musescore. Would it be possible to export my score to another format (say, MusicXML), and use the older version of Musescore to combine them for the purpose of printing ?


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One suggestion - page numbers.
1) You can set "page numers" for each score.
So first score you can start at page 2, second score at page 4, ...
Format - Page settings... - First page number
2) You can set footer to show page number also at first page (your "page 2") too.
Format - Style - Header, Footer
there You need to change "$p" to "$P"

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