Struggle with thinking on the fly!!

• Jun 6, 2020 - 17:53

Hey folks,

Not sure if anyone has a solution other than get better, which is legit, but something that really holds me back is being able to think about composition and how my photos/videos look during a shoot.

It almost always takes me getting back home to my computer to see a shirt was out of place, something about the model's hair looks weird, this angle was far better than that one, etc. I try to think about it on the fly but I truly struggle with it and seem doomed to miss a lot of small things like that, which renders a lot of my work as throwaway in the end.

Anyone else felt this and maybe improved at it? I feel like I need an assistant who's not behind the camera to keep an eye out for this stuff.


You might consider joining a forum that actually deals with that kind of software instead of a site about music notation software.

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