This may be trivial - but?

• Jun 16, 2020 - 17:34

Hi Guys,
I noticed that when opening a file - that has an an anacrusis/pickup note/s - in MS3, but was created in MS2, the pickup bar/measure shows what looks like a dimmed half rest? See screen shots below:

Screenshot 1 shows the pickup bar in MS2 - no dimmed "rest"?
Screenshot 2 shows the same file in MS3! Note the dimmed "rest"?
Screen 3 is a test file in MS3 which clearly shows the "dimmed rest sign" in what is a pickup bar?

The good news is that the "dimmed rest" doesn't print!

I would appreciate your comments?

Bill Brady

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The "dimming" means that the rest has been set to be invisible. This can be toggled using the shortcut "V".

The small "dimmed" minus sign above the end of that pick up bar indicates that it has fewer beats than would be indicated by the time signature - which is what you want for a pick up bar. I guess therefore (as I can not see the score itself to check) that the bar has been set to have three beats, in which case a half plus a quarter will fill the three beats. You can replace them with notes if you like.

Since MS3 you get indications showing whether a measure has less (-) or more (+) beats than indicated by the time signature. Those markings are "dimmed" just like any other invisible element on the score as they are (as you've discovered) invisible.
You can toggle display of those markings with the option View → Mark irregular measures

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