Fermatas on more then one note/rest

• Jun 17, 2020 - 13:27

I don't know if it is already possible to set a fermata during more then one note or rest.
If this is already possible: How can I produce this in MuseScore?
If it is not possible, please add this function to further MuseScore Versions (maybe in the "Lines" Area, where voltas and ottavas are already).

The following link leads to a Score (a part of Mozarts "Zauberflöte") where you can find such a fermata with a duration of two rests on page 21 (109) in bar 213:


First of.
I'd probably write those as a single rest with a single normal fermate over them.
If I'd choose to write it with both rests, I'd simply add a normal fermate only to the 2nd rest and be done with it.

However, if for some reason you do wish to recreate this notation.
1. Add the normal fermate
2. Set it's time stretch for the playback effect
3. Mark it as invisible, as normal musical symbol sizes aren't scalable but defined by the music font itself
4. Add a staff text to the first rest
5. Open up the special characters input palette
6. Musical Symbols tab, left column "Holds and pauses"
7. Click on the fermate to have it inserted in your staff text, close the dialog
8. Esc out of text edit mode
9. Change the font-size in the inspector, You're likely aiming for something around 24 to 28pt
10. Adjust position of the staff text as deemed fit.

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