First cadenza in the piano concerto for the left hand - Maurice Ravel

• Jun 18, 2020 - 12:13

Hello. I have some trouble making the first cadenza in the concerto and I don't know how to proceed further. There are 2 pictures below. One shows how the cadenza should look like and the other one shows how it looks now.

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How the cadenza should look like.png 221.75 KB
My cadenza.png 40.97 KB


The difficulty arises because the cadenza bar will not fit on one line. (For bar read measure if you are not using UK English localisation). You should split the bar at some convenient point to allow MuseScore to move the next part of the cadenza to a new system (Tools->bar->split bar before selected note/rest ). This will also allow you to hide the empty part of the lower stave as it will be in

If you need further help, please attach the actual score.

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