greyed out line of rests

• Jun 26, 2020 - 18:11

I have a score that I opened and transposed. There is a greyed out line of extra rests that are not in the original. There is also a little grey plus sign on the upper right corner of the measure. These rests add time to a measure making it sound pretty odd. I can't seem to figure out how th get rid of these extra lines.


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Thanks for the suggestion. For some reason, the rests are greyed out. I can change or modify any of the notes that are not greyed but these rests will hi-lite but will not delete. That being said, joining the measures then re-dividing won't help if I can't delete them.

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I am not following. When I click on the greyed out rests, they appear to be part of voice one, but so is my vocal melody line. There are a couple of notes in the bass cleff that show up as voice 2. I don't know what you mean by swapping voices. (Sorry, this is the very first time using this program.)

Right-click on the affected bar, select Bar Properties. In "Bar Duration" section, there is "Nominal" and "Actual". The "Actual" will be off. Correct it to the required one, so it matches the "Nominal". hope this helps

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