• Jul 3, 2020 - 15:55

When I Implode an SATB 4-part score to two lines, the dynamics do not have an effect on replay. Even deleting and re-entering or changing the dynamic range from part to system has no effect. Do I need to re-write?


I can certainly hear a difference in dynamic between measures 48 and 49. However, not so well (or at all) for the others, I think the problem is that you have not specified the dynamic that the hairpins are aiming for. Musescore needs to know this in order to process the dynamic change. It is common in published scores to have these hairpins that "lead nowhere" and they cause no end of problems in rehearsals in my experience. However, you can achieve both the audible and visual effect by adding a "target" dynamic after the hairpin and then making it invisible.

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