Midi-out will only play one our of four notes: (in 3.4 and 3.5beta) but ALL notes are to be heard simultaneously via the laptop speaker...

• Jul 4, 2020 - 08:13

Hi all!
I have a laptop connected (via USB) to a Steinberg UR44C. The device is being recognized by Musescore. The UR44 is connected to a Roland JV2080 synthesizer.

When inserting notes or playing back a score in Musescore, I do see the Roland receiving Midi Messages on every event (note), but only 1 note out of every 4 is played.

I have uploaded a video where you can hear the Roland (a little louder: captured via my headphones) 'shooting' some notes and the full melody in the background from the laptop. As you can see in the first video I have soloed the first track. https://www.aksy.nl/musescore

I have tried about all the different settings that has to deal with I/O in preferences and even restarted Musescore after each adjustment to make it work (but most of the times it then didn't work at all).
I have also reset/initialised Musescore and found this exact same issue in the latest version 3.5 beta.

Anyone who experienced the same or has a clue as of where to find a possible solution for this?

Thanking you all in advance and especially the great Musescore developers team for all their efforts creating this amazing software!

Daan (a happy PRO-user)
(I posted my message again since the initial post doesn't seem to appear on the forum.)


After many hours of trouble shooting, I have found the following actions to improve the situation. I will add the steps for any other one who might be struggling:

1) Download the drivers specific for the UR44C (yes: RTFM). Somehow Windows did recognize the device from the shelf but this driver update worked some wonders: http://www.steinberg.net/hardwaredownloads
2) Don't forget to set the MIDI Output in the Preferences in Musescore Musescore Midi settings.JPG
3) Also download the latest firmware update for the UR44C. My version v1.0.0 is now v1.0.1

There are still some weird things happening (starting a playback will 'buffer' and not play the notes correctly) but I will try to find answers for that as well.

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