Creating a tie between notes in 2 repeat endings

• Jul 4, 2020 - 08:41

Not sure what forum to ask this.

How do you create a tie between a note before both of 2 repeat endings.

I have a repeat segment (Double Bar with 2 dots right to start repeat and Double Bar with 2 dots left to end repeat several measures in between the repeated segment). Repeat has 2 endings (ending 1 and ending 2, after the first repeat).
The note before the repeat is for sake of discussion a B tied to a B (first note of the first ending)
The second ending also starts with a B which should also be tied to the B preceding the endings but I am unable to tie the note from before the endings to the first note in the second ending - resulting in the note being played twice instead of being held into the second ending.

Thank you for any assistance.

I hope this makes sense and hope that someone can help me to correct the score.

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