How to remove an extra note and get the score to reset w/out the lost beat?

• Jul 4, 2020 - 16:30

Kind of embarrassed to ask this, but I've looked at older posts and can't get this to work for me: I entered a score (in tablature) and after a long while realized that I entered an extra note. I can remove that note, but the score doesn't adjust (I want everything to the right of it moved back the value of the removed note). I am left with, essentially, a 3/4 measure in a 4/4 piece. How can I get this fixed? Thanks.


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Here is a snippet. The arrow shows where I had a dotted quarter note (5 on second line). The tablature also does not show a 1/16th rest at the end of the measure that shows up when converted to standard staff notation. Although this may be the grey dash at end of the measure. When I cut and paste a 3 measure snippet into a new MS file, the measure is filled in like I want. (so I can just do this to make a whole new file, but this seems a sloppy fix).

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