Add new plucked instruments; allow saves of custom instruments

• Jul 5, 2020 - 03:15

It would be handy to have among the plucked instruments available the baritone ukulele (tuned EBGD) and the guilele (aka guitarlele, guitalele, etc.) (tuned AECGDA). These two are becoming more popular. Also useful would be the ability to configure an instrument (as I have to do now, adapting the standard ukulele to the baritone tuning) and then save it as a custom instrument so that it could be called up immediately without having to reconfigure each time. This suggestion has been made by others.


In reply to by Brer Fox

Thank you, Brer Fox. This solution works when you know at the start what instruments you want. However, let's suppose I've already developed my score and decide to change an accompanying instrument from the default ukulele (soprano tuning) to baritone uke. Or add a baritone uke to the score. In this case I'd have to reconfigure the instrument from scratch. With the save-custom-instrument feature I've requested, it would be easy at any time to insert an instrument I'd already configured. I think it would be a useful feature (e.g. for guitarists who use custom tunings) and shouldn't be too hard to implement.

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