Notating shuffle 16ths without all the triplet beams

• Jul 8, 2020 - 20:56

The song is shuffle 16ths throughout and I'd like to get rid of all the triplet beams.


I even tried specifying the time signature as 24/16 but nothing changed.


Select everything using Ctrl+a (or select a range if you don't want to get rid of all the beams). Then click on the lone 1/8th note in the Beam Properties palette - tool tip is "No beam". I am not sure that the results will be easily readable, however. The beams help the player see where the beats occur.

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Or do you mean you want to get rid of the triplet square brackets? If so, highlight one of them then use the option in the Inspector to turn it off, then click on the s button to 'apply style' and it will change the remainder.

Personally I would find it easier to read if you either used swing, or if you wrote it in 12/8. However you can't undo tuplets (triplets here) once you've made them - you have to delete and rewrite. Changing the time signature to 24/16 doesn't help, as you have found.

During MIDI import in the bottom pane you can specify which tuplets should be allowed. You can remove triplets there and see what happens.

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