A notepad like place where you can copy and paste motifs for reference

• Jul 9, 2020 - 22:18

I would like a place to paste little musical ideas and motifs in a separate window so I can keep it for reference without having to paste it into the main score.


I totally second this, having some sort of panel that could be kept hidden under the 'view' drop-down like the keyboard panel, that could serve as empty measures to save motifs and other thematic ideas would be amazing. This seems like a better option than just doing a second score as a work around because you'd be able to have a designated scratchpad for each score instead of having to manually manage your scores and their respective scratchpad scores in your file manager. Also it'd be pretty cool if you could have your saved themes/motifs associated with a hot key that could be used to quickly paste it into the score instead if having to continuously reopen the panel and re-copying from there. All in all, a great idea!

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