slightly off beat notes

• Jul 15, 2020 - 01:50

Is there any way in musescore 3 to write slightly offbeat notes?
example: song no.2 in there are notes that come slightly before and after other notes but i just cant find anything


The composer is using polyrhythm, in this case 3 against 2. Essentially, the score has three voices: the first (top), which carries the tune; the third (bottom) which is the bass; and the second (middle) which is a rippling accompaniment. The first and third voices are in duple time: "1-and-2-and-1-and-2-and..." but the middle is using triplets: "1-and-a-2-and-a-1-and-a-2-and-a".

This YouTube exercise for playing three against two shows very clearly how it works - and what a lovely effect it is. It is straightforward to do it in Musescore, using 'tuplets' to create the triplets in voice 2:

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