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• Jul 15, 2020 - 04:15

The attached file came from the PDF tool here. There are errors, and so I am trying to correct them, but being quite new to MuseScore I am struggling to understand what I am seeing.

The first thing I did was add the 4/2 time signature, and added a double whole note rest into the first measure. However, it seems to think that 9 1/2 quarter notes are needed. Why is that, and how do I correct it?

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If you are new to MuseScore, you might want to consider just entering the score yourself. The involved actions will be less of a learning curve.

Converting PDFs to scores is still quite an experimental thing, which (as you've now witnessed) may create all kinds of weird timing issues (and/or tuplet issues). Correcting those requires a more advanced editing skill within MuseScore.
This might lead to a lot of frustration; but if you're willing to see it through, you'll also pick up a lot about how MuseScore works :)

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"you might want to consider just entering the score yourself" - Yikes!

As far as the PDF conversion, I see that it is still very much a work in progress. I hope it continues to improve. I did find a product that will convert a PDF to MIDI (PhotoScore) but the price is pretty steep.

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The conversion service isn't programmed by MuseScore itself, it is a third party (free) software package called Audiveris with some default configuration.

If you're not up for the money for PhotoScore (of which I've heard decent things) you might consider running Audiveris yourself on your PC, which allows you to tweak the settings and might very much improve the conversion (again, from what I've heard; I haven't put in the effort to try this out myself)

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