How to Create Custom "Count-In" Instrument?

• Jul 16, 2020 - 21:54

I'm looking for assistance (or a virtual assistant) for the following:

I want to create a custom instrument, which would show in my list of instruments, which is named something like "Count-In." This instrument would have different samples (each about 0.5 seconds long or less). Each sample is me saying a different number, e.g. "1" and other common counting words like "and."

Each sample (count) would be assigned to a different line or space of the instrument, just like the MS drumset instrument has different sounds for different lines and spaces.

I want to be able to add this instrument to any MuseScore file, then choose notes and rhythms in order to start a vocal count-in for any track at any tempo.

Is this a feasible project with MS 3.0? And/or, is there anyone who feels supremely confident they can do this for me? If so, name your price!


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