Looking for developer / MS arranger to create bespoke Piano Tabs layout

• Jul 24, 2020 - 13:33

Hi, I'm looking for help in setting up a template to add a bespoke form of piano tabs to lead sheets.
The tabs format is very simple and enables people to play piano, who find notation inaccessible (eg special needs etc...).

The tabs format comprises of lyrics and 2 lines of numbers, (melody notes and chords). It may be possible to do this already in MS but I don't know it well enough, so would pay for an expert to set this up for me. If it's not possible at present, perhaps a plugin needs to be created.

Below is a screenshot of the ideal tabs layout and also my (amateur) attempt to create this in Musescore - which uses 2 lines of text for the melody and chord numbers (chords are coloured). What I need is a template that I can create new scores within, that:-

1) Enables a text label to be on each of the tab lines, showing if they are 'Melody' or 'Chords'
2) ideally bar lines separating the lyrics and tab numbers
3) facility to add single (and ideally also double and triple lines) lines above and below the numbers, to show higher or lower octaves
4) facility to easily hide the notation and chord letters (leaving just the lyrics and tabs) and vice versa, so I can export just a lead sheet, just a tabs sheet and a combined lead sheet & tabs sheet
5) a BIG picture idea is to build a script / plugin etc... to create the tabs sheets automatically from lead sheets, converting melody notes and chord letters into relative numbers 1 to 7 (eg root is 1 - 5th scale note 5 etc...)

In great anticipation of a Musescore guru coming to my rescue!
thanks Declan

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