2nd repeat skips a measure during playback

• Jul 28, 2020 - 11:15

I think I have the notation correctly but when I play back the 2nd repeat skips the first bar of the repeat...

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I think it might be a bug in the current version (3.4.2).

The good news is that 3.5.1 will fix this. The bad news is that it is still a bit of a wait for that, as first 3.5 has to be released...

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If you click on the 1st time Volta and select the ending handle you will see it is actually attached to the end of the first measure in the 2nd Volta. If, while the handle is still selected you press shift+left arrow it will move its attachment to the correct place, the repeat bar line. It then plays ok for me.

So, not a playback bug. It might be a bug that caused the misplacement of the volta handle but MuseScore is trying its best to interpret a confusing notation.

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In my download of the score the bug appears although the 1st time Volta handles are in the normal, correct position. The 2nd Volta bracket appears twice in bar 18, in both treble and bass, but even when I delete the extra bracket the playback continues to skip that bar. Windows 10, Musescore rev.148e43f

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Strange. Here is what I see when I select the handle.
Handle.jpg .
It is clearly attached to the wrong bar line even though it looks like it is in the right place. And yes, that lower 2nd volta is not needed, but does not affect this issue.

[Edit] I see the same thing with 3.5RC as well.

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Ah yes, good find.
I only checked the 2 2nd volta's.

Yes, in the current version the volta end of a first volta is respected (if it is a closed one). From 3.5.1 on, a subsequent volta will cut a previous one short; hence why even though this is anchored incorrectly, it'll work out there.

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