Metronome Flash/Light

• Aug 3, 2020 - 17:55

While I realize score playback is not the main function of MuseScore as it is today, I have found a great secondary use for MuseScore now that Chord Playback is enabled in 3.5:

Using Playback as a backing track for horns or other single note instruments.

I mute the Normal channels in the Mixer, but un-mute the Chord Symbols; enable the Count-In option on the Play Panel and I can practice away, a wonderful thing with the social distancing and lack of opportunities for jamming with other musicians right now.

The only thing I wish was an option was a light, a blinking icon or something in lieu or in addition to the Metronome click if I wanted to have the Metronome enabled as well for practice, but not as a click. I also think a flash should be an option for Count-In as well.

The "light" or flash could be located on/in the Play Panel, which makes the most sense, I guess.

If there is a way to do this already, please enlighten me. If it has been addressed in a previous post, I missed it and apologize for asking again.

If it is coming, thanks!

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