Export of scores in .mp4 (or similar) format

• Aug 17, 2020 - 12:26

There has been some chatter in the Developers' forum about exporting scores in .mp4 format (or something similar), and the merits (or otherwise) and questions about the associated visuals. Jesse Greene invited me to post some fuller comments here, so here goes ...

I have an interest in a tiny corner of mathematics known as "cellular automata". These mimic the way that cells reproduce, and were introduced to the world by Martin Gardner with his article "The Game of Life" in the October 1970 edition of Scientific American. An example of Gardner's thinking can be found at http://www.scholarpedia.org/article/Game_of_Life .

The task that I faced was how to present Gardner's ideas, and some generalisations thereof, with a musical accompaniment based on the patterns that display themselves in successive generations (read: successive bars in music).

I see MuseScore as great tool for creating an audio track that is synchronised with a video track, which track builds on Gardner's ideas. Synchronisation is a key word here. My vision (for what it is worth) is that successive generations in each Game of Life (and variants thereof) must be synchronised with the audio track: a drift in timing of only 0.1% per bar would result in complete asynchrony after only 500 bars.

This idea can be broadened to go beyond simple sequences of static images to include whole video clips, but this would need some careful thinking about. Perhaps the most obvious question would be the length of the video clip and the duration of any score. I would welcome people's ideas in this regard.

Please share your thoughts with all who read this post. Thanks.


As someone who deals heavily with the film scoring side, I could see some great benefit in some sort of video-synced-with-music system. I know Dorico has a system like this that practically allows you to score to picture within the notation app (and even calculating tempos based on markers, see attached picture), so I imagine something similar could be done here. I don't think it has to be super complex system, but something that allows users to stick in a video, sync it up, and export it with music I think could really go a long way in attracting wider ranges of people.
Screen Shot 2020-08-17 at 9.07.41 AM.png

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