Corrupted File - How to fix?

• Sep 19, 2020 - 23:52

I imported an MusicXML file and after the first safe and re-open it informed me that the file was corrupted. There are two extra measures attached at the end which don't exist in the file, or shouldn't. How do I remove these two measures (circled)?


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So I exported the file I've been working on as MusicXML and then tried to re-import and I got an error message, attached. However, that seemed to fix the lack of rests at the end of the song; with a bit of manipulation I managed to get the offending measures removed.

I lost my velocity settings for certain notes, but that's easily fixed as they're all in the same Voice.

Odd, since I entered the title (that's what was affected) from within MuseScore. Either way, problem seems to be fixed now!

I can attach the MusicXML file but since the song is copyrighted I'm not sure that's legal? Lemme know if you need to look at that file. Thanks.

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